Thursday, November 12, 2009

1st Annual Turkey Troticello!

Last year was the dawn of the Turkey Troticello, Charlottesville's premier annual Thanksgiving race. And what a grand success it was!

This (free) 2 mile run/walk leading right up to the gates of Monticello was the seminal event of last year's Thanksgiving festivities. Tens of people gathered to experience the brisk Jeffersonian air and autumnal nostalgia, don (inexpensive) t-shirts, and join company with other average Joes from main street in a feat of stamina before retiring to hearth and home to partake in cranberry-flavored festivities that those pilgrims fought so hard for them to have.

Where else would any self-respecting Charlottesvillian want to be on Thanksgiving morning!

Scroll down for a photographic journey of our successful 1st annual Turkey Troticello!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Troticello: 1st Annual Photographic Journey

Troticello participants strike a pose before setting off on their adventure!

The kids can't wait to get started!

Curious bystanders watch the action!

People of all types participated!

Participants strove toward the finish line!

[... though the finish line was not yet in sight ...]

One participant stopped to admire the view!

A participant prepares for the final stretch!

Race toward the finish!

Some were not as fast as others!

It was a family event!

All ages were represented!

A representative from the Troticello Foundation presents the 2K8 winner with a crystal plaque!

Participants gather to celebrate their accomplishment!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

VIDEO: Troticello participant runs while holding baby!

This determined Troticello mom knows no bounds!